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I work as a tuner, modifying and adjusting dots in space; I can’t see no more the stairs, the columns not even the window, I see only the dots that allow me to draw, to write in this infinite sheet that is no longer made of paper, but of a space that I empty at times, in order for the invisible air to become three-dimensional. Every construction must sustain itself in order to be transited, solid in the gaseous; seen from the outside, all of them must float in this empty, invisible space, just like the rhythm of a Kana calligraphy. Only in this way the uncertainty meter will have a visual meaning, otherwise the calligraphies will become smudges, blots that will not enable the reading of every element... Full text in catalogue [pdf]

Noni Lazaga

The house and the labyrinth is a statement that indicates, or assumes, the existence of a house located in a labyrinth, without specifying which house it is or in which labyrinth it is located. This potential indeterminacy is the one that introduces the possibility of a happening, and the construction of a fact of language. A fact of language whose sensitive representation takes the shape of an opening to the world, acknowledgment not a necessary requirement to approach it. Facts of language may or may not correspond with a reality dictated by the senses, as it is more important to understand how words are organized and the structure of the sentence, as well as detecting the meaning of each of the elements, which come together into a new existence whose perception belongs to the realm of imagination ... Full text in catalogue [pdf]

Menene Gras Balaguer

Curator of the exhibition

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