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La caligrafía japonesa

Origen, evolución y relación con el arte abstracto occidental
Hiperión Publisher 2007

Japanese calligraphy has offered throughout history interesting samples of its aesthetics qualities, having the ability to surprise western art world, especially since the XIX century. However, despite that seduction, the lack of information and the mystery around it has always made it difficult for the West to discern where Chinese heritage ended and where Japanese invention began.

In this book Noni Lazaga analyzes this discipline from different points of view – historical, philosophical, technical and artistic. Thanks to this multiple approach she introduces the reader into a journey to the Far East, clarifying many questions about the very nature of calligraphy and what this art means in Japanese culture.

The author starts this work in 1994 attracted by the likely relationship between Japanese calligraphy and western avant-garde, especially with post-war abstract movements. She travels to Japan to meet some of those artist-calligraphers that lived at that time. After years of research and studies of the Japanese culture and language she presents to us in this book the conclusions and opinions drawn from that experience in a didactic way. Her research is supported by many examples such as the tables and appendices that significantly help understand this interesting and complex discipline.

Hiperión Publisher